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Protecting the integrity of your car's windows is an important task for your safety and for the well-being of your vehicle. Car owners know that there's no worse feeling than chipping a windshield. Some people opt to drive vehicles with compromised glass, but that can be a safety risk and lead to more expensive problems down the line.

Luckily, with many, many years of experience, you can trust Car Glass Wizards to handle all of your auto glass repair needs. We work with all kinds of vehicles, from pick-up trucks to VW Bugs, and replace all kinds of windows.

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Why Car Glass Wizards?

100 % Fairness

We only replace your auto glass if a repair is technically or legally impossible. This will save you money.

Original Manufacturer's Quality

We only use original quality glass and work with the same glass suppliers as the car manufacturers.

We help immediately!

Long waiting times? Not with us! We will schedule the fastest possible repair appointment.

Years Of Experience

With our technicians having many years of expertise in vehicle glazing, your car will be in good hands.

Fast windshield replacement

Regardless of the type of vehicle, manufacturer, and model, we will provide almost any replacement windshield for the following business day.

100 % Satisfaction Guarantee

For every repair and replacement job, we give you a 100 % satisfaction guarantee.

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Windshield & Auto Glass Repair

We offer auto glass inspection and cleaning, auto glass repair, and auto glass replacement. We repair both small and long cracks, and confidently offer you our 100% satisfaction guarantee. The experts at Car Glass Wizards will be glad to help you find the best solution for your vehicle. In addition to inspection, which is a preventative measure to protect the integrity of your glass before problems arise, we provide 24/7 emergency service for those unfortunate moments when your auto glass is compromised.

Windshield Cracks & Chips

Our most common services are repairing cracks and chips. It is vital to catch cracks and chips early since they can quickly worsen and compromise your safety. Cracks in the windshield can block visibility and put you and other drivers in danger. As such, it is important to bring your car in as soon as you notice a problem, or perhaps even earlier. Through rigorous inspection, our experts can identify potential problems before they arise. There are many ways to minimize the risks of cracks, pits, or scratches before they occur, and we want to help you identify glass with low structural integrity before it becomes a safety risk. If you notice any small chips in any of your auto glass, if your vehicle hasn't been inspected in a while, or if you have larger cracks in your windows, don't hesitate to call us. We are happy to put our more than 20 years of experience to work for you.

Compromised auto glass

Remember that compromised auto glass can leave you vulnerable to the elements, lower your visibility, and increase your likelihood of crashes and injuries. Don't let chips and cracks go unattended. Our 24/7 emergency service is here to make sure that you never need to drive a vehicle with chipped or cracked glass. It only takes one phone call to ensure your safety on the road. No matter what or when, Car Glass Wizards is happy to help.

With our 100% satisfaction guarantee, we are proud to offer high-quality service that you can trust. Our goal is always to keep your car road-ready, not to overcharge you for unnecessary repairs. When you work with Car Glass Wizards, rest assured that we have your best interests and safety at heart. No one wants to find a chip in their windshield, but Car Glass Wizards makes it as painless as possible.

What our clients say

A duck flew into my windshield at 70! Now, everything has been put back in shape within 5 hours! They did a great job!

— Iain McGirr

Highly recommended: outstanding service, very friendly and great work. My Mustang was in the best hands. Thank you.

— Martin Cotton

The guys are good-humored and friendly, the work is always done professionally and quickly. Clear recommendation if you have any problems with the glazing of your car.

— Stephen James

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